While we strive to make our platform open to everyone you will find that some events require a certain “level” to enter. Our level system is based on member participation such as the number of tournaments you’ve entered, how often and how much you participate in chat, and the amount of time spent online. Increase your level to gain access to more exclusive events with bigger and better prizes.

Beyond our info board we also have channels dedicated to all our officially supported games and a general area to just hang out. Here you can socialize, get advice on how to improve, challenge people, network, or even build top-tier teams to compete in our tournaments. We highly recommend you spend some time on these channels to best help your chances of succeeding in events, you never know where info may spring up.

We hope this introduction was helpful, now go forth, make connections, and enjoy your time in the Orca Royale Gaming Club.


This community was founded by a United States Army Veteran who seeks to aid homeless veterans and those that are struggling by partnering with organizations proven to bring about change.

The Orca Royale is currently in partnership with Operations Sacred Trust and Aspiration.

Aspiration is a company dedicated to planetary reforestation. To learn more about our partners at Operation Sacred Trust and how to help our veterans click here.

To learn more about our partners at Aspiration and how we can help heal our mother earth, please click here